Meditation Classes April to May 2021 – The Happiness of Inner Peace

What exactly is it that we need to have a happy life? We need a happy mind. So many problems are created by our mind. We don’t realize the role our mind plays in projecting itself onto external situations. If our mind is negative or unhappy it will project an unpleasant world, if it is happy it will project a pleasant world.

Our desires are changing all the time and this adds to our unhappiness and discontentment. We may become unhappy because we are lonely so we surround ourselves with people resulting in us not being able to find the time to be alone, this then makes us stressed and unhappy. We may be unhappy because we can’t find work but once we get a job we feel stressed as we have too much work. We may feel depressed as our dreams aren’t fulfilled or once fulfilled they leave us feeling hollow & empty. We may lack success or become overwhelmed because when we have success it brings more stress than we can bear.

If we want to be happy in all these situations we need to learn to control our mind so it is happy & peaceful whether we are with people or alone, whether we are busy or sitting quietly. Through controlling our mind we can control what we project onto the world and we can start to create the sort of world we want live in.

Odiyana Centre is running a 7 week course entitled The Happiness of Inner Peace.

We will be running classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm. The live stream from the Tuesday evening class will be available on demand for 3 days.

Our evening classes in other local areas outside of Northwich will unfortunately remain closed until September 2021

Due to the current situation booking is required for all of our classes. You can book for in person or online streaming below – it is essential when you book that you specify either in person or online attendance.

You attendance in person will be confirmed only once you have received a booking reference email directly from Odiyana KMC.


This week’s evening classes