Saturday 10th April – Half Day Course – How to be Happy All the Time

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Happiness and suffering are states of mind and their main cause cannot be found outside the mind. The real cause of happiness is inner peace. If our mind is peaceful we shall be happy all the time regardless of external conditions. If our mind is disturbed or troubled in any way we shall never be happy no matter how good our external conditions are. Few people experience deep happiness and when they do it is short-lived.

On this day course learn how to experience deep lasting happiness through meditation.

The teacher of this course is Gen Kelsang Chokyong – Chokyong has been the resident teacher at Odiyana Kadampa Meditation Centre since 2001. He teaches with great humility and humour. He presents Buddha’s teachings in a practical and down to earth manner, making them accessible to everyone.

All our half day courses start at 10am and run until about 1.30pm.
They cost £10 per person.