Buddha Vajrasattva is the manifestation of the completely pure mind of all the Buddhas. The empowerment is a special blessing ceremony where we make a deep connection with Buddha Vajrasattva’s enlightened mind. Through this we will receive the purifying blessings of this healing Buddha and have the opportunity to completely free our mind from the negativities and wounds of the past.

During the empowerment and related commentary, Gen Kelsang Chokyong will teach us how we can swiftly purify our mind and profoundly improve our lives, enabling us to actualise our potential for lasting freedom and happiness.

The Empowerment starts at 9.45am and runs until about 5pm. The cost is £20 per person. Unfortunately we are unable to offer lunch due to current restrictions but there is a range of cafes and shops within walking distance.

This Empowerment is available in person or online. To book please click below selecting either in person or online.


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