This weekend is offering us a chance to get away and visit the beautiful Nagajuna Kadampa Meditation Centre (KMC). Nagajuna is a special place of tranquility, rest and reflection located in Northamptonshire.

During this weekend you will have a chance to engage in a weekend of guided retreat. This is a great opportunity to get away from it all and give yourself the chance to unwind and develop a deep feeling of inner peace that can have long term beneficial effects on your health and wellbeing.

The teacher guiding this weekend retreat will be Gen Kelsang Chokyong – Chokyong has been the resident teacher at Odiyana Kadampa Meditation Centre since 2001. He teaches with great humility and humour. He presents Buddha’s teachings in a practical and down to earth manner, making them accessible to everyone.

If you wish to attend this away retreat please contact the Education Programme Coordinator at