Stress is the difference between what we want to happen and what is actually happening. Whether we like it or not it is happening. If we can change things then there is no need to get stressed. If we can’t change things then there is also no point in getting stressed.

On this day course we will learn to relax and let go, living lightly and peacefully.

The teacher on this day course will be Gen Kelsang Lekchog. – Kelsang Lekchog has received many teachings from Ven. Geshe Kelsang and has recently been a student of the Special Teacher Training programme. 

Her warmth and kindness show in her teachings, and she is able to explain clearly Buddha’s profound teachings in a way suitable for everyone. 

She is a example of a Modern Kadampa Practitioner who is putting Buddha’s instructions into practice and sharing them with others. 

All our half day courses start at 10am and run until about 1pm.
They cost £10 per person.

We are also offering the chance to stay for a three course Thai meal for those who wish to stay. The meal costs an additional £20 per person.


Say Goodbye to Stress and/or Meal