Meditation Classes June to July 2019 – Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times

Atisha was an 11th century Buddhist master. He was renowned for his inspiring teachings helping people to solve their problems and find deep and lasting peace. Atisha gave a teaching that became known as Advice from Atisha’s Heart. This incredible text has been benefitting people for over a 1000 years. He realized that while people still have uncontrolled minds they will never find deep lasting happiness. Although Atisha lived and taught in the 10th century his teachings are timeless. It is one of the most profound teaching on training the mind ever given. It helped people to control their minds & find deep lasting happiness.

Although this teaching was given over 1000 years ago it is still as effective now as it was then because people’s real problems haven’t changed. The external environment is dramatically different but our minds are the same, we experience anger, fear, discontentment and unhappiness. The only way to solve these problems is by controlling our mind. We can change our home or partner countless times but until we change our restless discontented mind we will never find deep lasting happiness.

Odiyana Centre is running a 6 weeks course entitled Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times . On this course based on Advice from Atisha’s Heart we revisit this ancient wisdom because it worked then & will work now if we apply it to our modern, busy lives.

We have classes all across Cheshire. For details of nights and venues please click on Meditation Classes, Evening Classes and then select the location you are interested in.

Everyone is welcome. No booking required.