Learn to Meditate – new meditation classes in your area starting April 2017.

We believe that by simply improving external conditions we can be truly happy. Motivated by this belief most countries have made remarkable material progress. However, as we can see, this does not really make us happier or reduce our problems, but instead causes more problems. Our lives are now more complicated and dangerous and we are less happy and more worried.

Without inner peace there is no real happiness at all. The more we control our minds the more our inner peace increases and the happier we become. Therefore the real method to make ourself happy is to control our own mind.

Odiyana Buddhist Centre is running a 6 week course entitled Learn to Meditate. On this course you can learn the actual methods for controlling the mind. PLEASE NOTE HOLMES CHAPEL WILL START THE WEEK BEGINNING 27th APRIL DUE TO THE BANK HOLIDAY.

This course runs from the week beginning 17th April up to and including the week beginning 22nd May.

For details of venues please select your local areas from the drop down menu.

All of our evening meditation classes are drop in classes and so do not need to be booked.