Loneliness has been recognized as a major public health concern associated with a heightened risk of mental and physical illness. 

Loneliness is not about being physically alone but is a feeling of being disconnected from others. Not everyone who experiences solitude feels lonely, conversely not everyone who is around others feels connected to them. 

Loneliness is a deep and painful feeling within the mind and can cause many problems including low mood, feelings of isolation and even suicide. We all want to feel part of something and like we are loved and belong but loneliness makes us feel separate, disliked and alone.

On this course we learn how to recognise and reduce these feelings of disconnection and how to truly uproot our loneliness for good.

Odiyana Kadampa Meditation centre is running a half day course on Saturday 10th April at 10am. On this half day course you will learn how to begin developing deep inner peace

The teacher of this day course is Gen Kelsang Chokyong â€“ Chokyong has been the resident teacher at Odiyana Kadampa Meditation Centre since 2001. He teaches with great humility and humour. He presents Buddha’s teachings in a practical and down to earth manner, making them accessible to everyone.

All our half day courses start at 10am and run until about 1.30pm.
The cost is £10 per person.

We are offering a choice of either live streaming via Zoom or in person attendance. Please specify which option you require using the payment button when booking.


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