Odiyana Centre are delighted to be holding a 1 week guided Lamrim retreat from 17th to 22nd January 2022. This is open to everyone who wishes to take refuge from the busyness and stress of the modern world.

Bruce Robinson will be guiding the retreat sessions. Bruce has been a dedicated practitioner for many years and teaches in a gentle way ideal for guided meditations and retreats.

The meditation sessions will be easily accessible and suitable for beginners. They will focus on such things as love, the kindness of others and compassion. Each session will be guided step by step by Bruce Robinson

The sessions will be every day at 7am, 11am, 4pm and 7pm. On Monday and Tuesday the 7pm session will not run due to the evening meditation class.

You do not have to attend every session just those you are able to.

The retreat is completely free to attend. Just turn up.