Meditation is a powerful method to make ourselves happy and reduce our stress levels. This is essential not just for adults but children too who are now faced with more stress and pressure than ever before. If we can teach our children how to control their minds and make themselves peaceful inside then we are giving them the most precious gift to take with them in their journey through life – the ability to make themselves happy all the time .

On this children’s half day course your children will all learn how to meditate and keep their mind peaceful even when things are going wrong. There will also be a chance for parents to learn how to meditate as well.

The teachers on this course will be – Diane Batterton and Dawn Vickery

Both Diane and Dawn are qualified school teachers with years of experience working with children. They are both fun and engaging

They are both dedicated Buddhist practitioners studying on Teacher Training Programme and are insightful and enthusiastic. Both work as part of the Education Team at Odiyana KMC and are valued and dedicated members of the centre.

All our meditation workshops start at 10am and run until 12.30pm
They cost £5 per adult and £3.50 per child which includes refreshments.


Family Meditation Workshop