New Evening Meditation Classes


Since the world evolved, human beings have spent almost all their time & energy improving external conditions in their search for happiness and solutions to their problems. What has been the result? Instead of their wishes being fulfilled, human suffering & problems have continued to increase while the experience of happiness and peace is decreasing. This clearly shows that we have not found a correct method for reducing our problems and increasing our happiness. The correct method is to change our attitude especially our uncontrolled desires.

Inner peace is the source of all our happiness. Although all living beings have the same basic wish to be happy and avoid suffering, very few people understand the real causes of happiness. We usually believe that external conditions such as money, friends and cars are the real causes of happiness but this cannot be true because many wealthy people with many cars, friends and much wealth are very unhappy. The real source of happiness is inner peace, if our mind is peaceful we will be happy regardless of our external conditions but if it is disturbed in any way we will never find happiness however good our external conditions are. External conditions can only make us happy if our mind is peaceful. We need to learn and understand this through our own experience. The way to do this is to learn to train our mind and bring it under control through meditation.

Odiyana Kadampa Meditation Centre is running a 9 week course on How to Transform your Life through the power of meditation. The course runs from Monday 15th January up to and including the week beginning 12th March.

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