Day Course – Life and Death – Saturday 27th March 2021

We all have only one life. When it is gone we cannot buy, borrow or make another.
By looking honestly at our life and death in a constructive way we can ensure that we use our life in the most meaningful way.
In this way we can live without fear and die without regrets.

On this day course learn how to enrich our life with meaning and to live everyday as if it could be our last.

The teachers of this day course will be Julie Forrest and Chris Chapman.

Julie is the Education
Programme Co-ordinator for Odiyana Kadampa Meditation Centre. She is a very powerful teacher whose practical approach makes the teachings accessible to everyone.

Chris Chapman is the Administrative Director for Odiyana Meditation Centre. He has been a dedicated practitioner for many years. He teaches with clarity and deep insight, often touching peoples hearts with his understanding.

All our day courses start at 10am and run until about 5pm.
They cost £15 per person.

Due to the current restrictions we are not able to offer lunch at this day course. We are able to provide a list of local cafes and shops where lunch can be bought. Refreshments will be served throughout the day.

You can book for in person or online streaming below – it is essential when you book that you specify either in person or online attendance.

Please note there are limited spaces available for in person attendance. You attendance in person will be confirmed only once you have received a booking reference email directly from Odiyana KMC.


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